Man can’t live off of bread alone…

350.2 – 10.4 pounds lost

And I can’t lose weight from just my diet…

Yes, I’ve been cruising along.  I have reached my 10 pound mark and I feel great because of it.  But I know that I need to step it up.  So, I’m deciding to walk.  It seems boring, but I just ordered running shoes with the nike + chip embedded so that I can have the nice Nike lady tell me how I’m doing.  I figured this would be the easiest way for me to track my fitness and since I already have an iPhone, why not!?!

My goal is to walk at first, 5 times a week at the minimum.  I’m actually excited to get started.  There’s a new state of the art fitness center in my apartment home’s community center.  They just issued us 24 hour access passes and I’m more than amp’d up to start!!!


Relapse… sorta

352.2 – 7.8 pounds lost.

So. although I lost weight, I had sort of a relapse. I was visiting a store and in the mall they have a “The Great Cookie”. The smell was just awesome. These stands rely on fat girls like me to wander over to their stands based on smell alone. So… after my store visit. I hurried my way over to the stand and ordered a quarter pound of Snicker Doodles. I sat in my car and I ate them… all of them. I felt awesome…

Until I got home. After not eating sugar for SO long, I got a wicked headache and I starting feeling really depressed. Depressed to the point of me thinking that I wasn’t worth living. At the time I didn’t quite understand what was happening. Until I started to look up effects that sugar can have on someone. I was crashing, and crashing hard.

It was right then that I realized that it’s not worth it. Yes, the taste was awesome. Yes, it was satisfying at the time. Yes, the gooey awesomeness made my taste buds happy — but in the long run and in the grand scheme of things, the side effects (fat ass being one of them), aren’t worth the momentary pleasure.

So today, I vow not to eat sweets anymore. If I do, I’ll opt for healthier snacks. Maybe frozen yogurt, or something else that’s yummy and has a least a small amount of nutritional value.

Talk about wake up call…

Best laid plans…

354.4, 5.2 pounds lost!

So, I guess I haven’t really spoken of what I plan on doing to lose weight. This has brought me so much trouble. I haven’t really found a great plan to follow. EVERYONE has a different approach. EVERYONE. I decided to go to the professionals. I talked to my doctor and all he had was a bullshit list of nutrition charts and eating several times a day and yadda yadda yadda. Ok, that’s a bit harsh. But for someone who feels as though she’s tried it all, it’s totally easy to get discouraged right away because you’ve heard it all before.

I had to figure out what I can dare tolerate for the rest of my life. Stop and feel the weight of that [pun totally unintended]. I have to make a life long commitment to being fit. This means that I need to find something that I can stomach and not be miserable all day. So I did lots of research and I still came up dry. Everyone who has lost a substantial amount of weight ALL had a different method and all had success. So, I just broke all of these plans down to it’s core and I came back to the “DUH” moment… Eat Less, Exercise More. Wow, who would have thunk!

I did a little more than that though… I know I know… drastic changes often end in disaster, but I made a commitment to myself — I want to be a Princess! So I decided on the following:

1) No Carbs. No, I’m not doing Atkins or anything. I actually didn’t originally decide not to eat carbs, but with adding grains, I started to feel the effects of the insulin rushes and sugar highs and lows and it was wearing me down. I also felt less sick after eating and my mom [she isn’t a doctor or anything] suggested that maybe I have a slight gluten allergy or may be developing one. Which could be possible seeing as though I’ve developed two other food allergies over the course of the last 6 years. This may seem impossible to most people to accomplish, but I honestly do not miss carbs whatsoever. Once you stop eating breads and grains, your body stops craving it. I get carbs through other sources and I do make sure that I take multivitamins to ensure that I have the required nutrients. I also substitute flour with almond flour for those days that I just simply need something bread like 🙂

2) No table salt. I just stay away from anything with massive amounts of sodium. A lot of fat free and reduced fat processed foods compensate for the flavor loss by adding tons of sodium. I’m round enough, I don’t need anymore excess water holding me back.

3) No Refined Sugar. I just stay away from sweets in general, except for how they are in nature. So this means no sodas, no yum yums, no snicker doodle cookies… no sweets. I do use Splenda to flavor tea and stuff too. I always hear people tell me how bad it is. Well it’s a lot less worse than the shit I used to shovel in my mouth by the truck load, so this one guilty pleasure will stay on the list until further notice. TYVM.

4) Seriously, why do I like lists so much. I cook!! Cooking my own meals and never eating out has allowed me to know exactly what is going into my food at all times. I control the sodium, the flavor, the everything and I know that what I’m eating is healthy because, well, I made it!

5) I eat as many natural colors as I can find. I spice salads up with red, yellow, orange, and green peppers. I eat lots of salads and healthy veggies. I eat lean meats, like turkey, chicken breast, fish, and if I do eat red meat it’s usually the expensive lean cuts. I say expensive because I have YET to find tenderloin cheaper than the fatty cuts lol.

I don’t have this down to a science, but it’s a start. I’ve also stopped eating when I wasn’t hungry. I read SO many posts and blogs about eating 6 small meals a day. Well… in my line of work, that’s not an option. So I just make sure that I eat something for breakfast, I pack a lunch and I eat then. I only eat when I’m hungry. When I lost 50 pounds before, I remember being in a situation in my life where I could eat six times a day. I remember thinking… seriously I just fucking ate… I thought it was stupid to eat when I wasn’t hungry. My doctor convinced me that I was starving my body before and I have to eat when I wasn’t hungry in order to build my metabolism. All of this may be true, but honestly, I feel better waiting until I’m hungry before I eat something.

I figure, I’m cutting out about a million calories a day with my new eating plan…. who cares if I don’t eat six meals. That may change down the road as I get closer and closer to my weight loss goal, but for now — I only eat when I’m hungry.

My Namesake

355.6  – 4.8 pounds lost so far [I will be posting my weight lost progress at the beginning of each blog going forward, maybe this will motivate me to not be a fat ass… maybe]

Why Princess Inc.?

I realized after creating my name that it sounds like an incorporation lol.  However, inc. is short for incoming which is something I picked up in the gaming world.  Just some lingo that’s used quite often in those circles.  So, my name is actually Princess Incoming — I’m welcoming my future self.

Why be a princess?  Well, I’ve always had a princess complex.  Not in the sense that I’m stuck up and/or snobby as the name suggests.  But because I’ve always wanted to be treated like a princess.  Oh god, that sounds even more like I want to be a douche bag.  Let’s see if I can explain this a little better…

My brother in law treats my sister like a princess.  I don’t mean financially or materialistically, I mean he worships and loves her with all of his heart.  After being together for 20 years, they still look at each other with this twinkle that warms anyone’s heart.  They have 2 beautiful children and although I know they have bumps in the road, they are the perfect couple.

I want that.  I want to be someone’s princess.  I could argue that I was my ex’s princess, and it pains me to think that way.  I was so blind to how much love he had for me and I feel so bad that I couldn’t see past my fat just to appreciate his adoration for me.  I miss that.

So, let me re-phrase that.  I want to be someone’s princess, while I think that I’m fit enough to be seen as someone’s princess.  I want to feel like a princess.  I want to love myself enough to accept the love that is given to me.  I want to never make the mistake again of not recognizing the love that someone feels for me.

So Princess Inc.

Not douchebaggy [totally new made up word], but a goal — one filled with the pain of my past, and fueled by my desire to create a better me.