336.6 – 24 Pounds Lost

I’m finding that I’m impatient. I’ve committed to myself that I will do this for the long haul. I’ve told myself that this is a lifestyle change and its ok. But now it’s just waiting. Day by day willing the weight to continue to fall off. Wishing that time would go by faster. Not necessarily that I could lose weight quicker — I definitely want to do it the right way. But I just wish that I had my revelation earlier in my life, maybe like a year ago lol. Then, maybe I would be further along on this journey.

I’ve been sailing along, but I know that their will be hiccups and I just want to get them over with already. I’m ready to be thin. I look in the mirror and I don’t see that my outsides match my insides and it’s beginning to frustrate me. I have to remind myself that it took 28 years for me to get this way, so it will take some time to fix this problem.

This is one of those situations where living in a culture of instant gratification backfires. I can’t just open up my web browser and search Amazon for “200 pounds lost” and think I will drop the weight with 2 day shipping with my Amazon Prime account. It’s not that easy. I have to stay committed, keep pushing, and most of all BE PATIENT.

It’s hard, but I know it’s necessary, therefore I must do it.


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