Progress Report!

346.6 – 14 pounds lost.

Often times, I’m really hard on my self so I wanted to pointedly take the time to give myself credit for what I’ve done the past month.

Oh me oh my, another list.

1) Lost 14 pounds

2) Cut fast food completely from my diet.

3) Aside from the occasional salad from the food court, I’ve eaten only fresh foods that I’ve cooked myself.

4) I’ve cut table salt from my diet completely.

5) I’ve cut added sugar from my diet completely.

6) I’ve started drinking lots of healthy teas.

7) I pack my lunch virtually every say.

8) I shop a few times a week for fresh fruits and vegetables.

9) I drink much more water!

10) I’ve cut carbs completely out of my diet.

SO with my many accomplishments, I want to set a few goals as well for the next 30 days.

1) Walk five times a week. I know this looks familiar… I… um… I… um yeah well never give up!

2) Zumba 2 times a week.