“De-Clutter” your surroundings in order to lose weight?


Yeah, I said it DE-CLUTTER. Some people do not realize how their surroundings can cause unnecessary stress in their lives. For me, when I have things that I need to organize, or things that I have to do, it’s always in the back of my mind. Getting rid of the clutter, relaxes me, and this is important since there are a lot of facts involving stress and weigh loss. This article speaks to it and you have to admit that it’s a lot to consider.

After reading this article, I had to see my Personal Trainer, and she kicked my ass as usual. Which is a good thing. But directly after that, I decided to take a look at my apartment. I’m a bit of a neat freak, so things weren’t so bad. But there were things that I’ve been putting off. So, I did a major purge, got rid of things that I haven’t used in a while, deep cleaned some, and I set up things all nice and shiny-like.

I feel a list coming on. I did a few other things to de-clutter my mind and my surroundings:

1) I took the time to put all of my snacks in little baggies with their respective portions. This will keep me from worrying if I’m over eating and will keep me in check. I tend to over eat when I don’t have my portions pre measured.

2) I purged old paperwork, documents, and straightened them and made them neat and in order.

3) I FINALLY unpacked those boxes that I shoved in my closet from April when I moved. They ended up in there because I had family visiting so that was a quick fix lol. They were there ever since. Whoops…

4) I cooked! I fixed a bunch of healthy recipes and I portioned them out so that over the next few days, I don’t have to STRESS over what the heck I’m going to eat for my next meal. This was important since I work so much.

Right now I feel re-energized around my weight loss. I feel motivated, I expected to be de-stressed, but feeling motivated was a bonus — a happy bonus.

So speak up, what do you do to de-clutter and de-stress your life?!?


2 thoughts on ““De-Clutter” your surroundings in order to lose weight?

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