Nothing tastes as good as thin…ner feels.

335.6, 58.5 body fat.

We’ve heard it a million times… “Nothing tastes as good as THIN feels”… yet… I’ve never really experienced what that’s like — in my life.  However, I’m not there yet.  I’ve just begun on this journey of mine.  I have a lot to experience, but so far — being thinner is living up to this adage.

I’m finding it easier to make better choices because I’m so determined to be thin.  In the past, when attempting to lose weight, I always just thought, “I’ll lose a few pounds so that I can be average.”  I always thought that THIN was a myth for me.  This is especially true since my family spent my entire life telling me that I had ‘big bones’, so I always assumed that I would just have to deal with being on the heavier side.

Not this time… I am going ALL IN.  I can’t wait to feel what this feels like.  I’m already feeling some of this.  Things as small as my clothing fitting a lot better and my jeans not cutting into my stomach — nothing I can eat will match feeling better as me.

So… even though I’m not “thin”, I am “thin-ner”[although any sane person would say “less fat” as opposed to thinner, but hey, it sounds better] and I’m on my way towards being a better me.

Side note… I have been stagnant on my weight loss recently.  Although it appears that I dropped a pound, it’s a lot slower than my 3 lb a week trend that I’ve been on.  However, I did start tracking my body fat (and it’s a good thing I did).  I’m currently down about 3% body fat, which would probably account for my “plateau”.  I still see it as  a victory as I plug along on this weight loss journey.



Progress Report!

346.6 – 14 pounds lost.

Often times, I’m really hard on my self so I wanted to pointedly take the time to give myself credit for what I’ve done the past month.

Oh me oh my, another list.

1) Lost 14 pounds

2) Cut fast food completely from my diet.

3) Aside from the occasional salad from the food court, I’ve eaten only fresh foods that I’ve cooked myself.

4) I’ve cut table salt from my diet completely.

5) I’ve cut added sugar from my diet completely.

6) I’ve started drinking lots of healthy teas.

7) I pack my lunch virtually every say.

8) I shop a few times a week for fresh fruits and vegetables.

9) I drink much more water!

10) I’ve cut carbs completely out of my diet.

SO with my many accomplishments, I want to set a few goals as well for the next 30 days.

1) Walk five times a week. I know this looks familiar… I… um… I… um yeah well never give up!

2) Zumba 2 times a week.