Ode to Fat Girls:



Ode to Fat Girls:.

I had to share this ^^ for one, it made me teary eyed and nothing makes me teary eyed. Every day, when I’m dragging all 330 pounds of me to the track to run, I feel every part of this post. It’s another perspective, one that I needed to hear. Even if no one really feels this way, these are the words I will now hear when I’m running and I see other, seasoned, runners.

Instead of feeling like crap because they passed me on the track or because their paces are 5 million times faster than mine [rough estimation] — I’m going to feel awesome that I’m out there. I’m going to give myself kudos because I’m actually out there busting my butt every day.

This is yet another reason why blogging [and reading blogs] has been an instrumental part of my weight loss journey.


Well, hello there sweet Endorphins!!!

You’re my favorite neurotransmitter!

I wish I would have known about this dirty little secret to exercising when I was younger. Endorphins rock my socks and they make me so happy to be on this weight loss journey right now.

It makes me sad that my mother never forced me to play sports or exercise as a teen. I mean now that I think back I remember running and playing with my friends when I was younger and the sheer thrill of it was exhilarating. I wish I would have gotten to know what it was like to be an athlete. Although I can’t be completely sure that I would have maintained it, I can feel that had I been more involved in sports as a teen, I wouldn’t have ended up such a lardy adult.

So today I jogged 6k today. What made today’s 6k more miraculous than yesterday’s 5k is not that I went a further distance. I had a lot going against me and I still got up and went to the gym. mmmm another list, so yummy

Excuses that my old self would have used to not go to the gym today:

1)My gym partner bailed on me.

2)I ate stuffed peppers and felt all bloaty and heavy.

3)When I walked out of the door it was pouring down (I usually walk to my gym)… And I mean pouring… Monsoon like weather.

But, instead I put on my workout clothes and pulled on my running shoes, grabbed my water & my umbrella and left memories of my old decisions at the door.

I’m glad I did because the pay off was worth it. Almost orgasmic levels of endorphins rushed through me pushing me to hit the 6k point in my daily workout… Maybe I can do it again tomorrow!

Drumroll Please…

341.2 – 18.4 Pounds Lost…

Ok, not quite 20 pounds, but I feel so friggin close!!!

I had another good day yesterday.  I put on my running shoes and decided to hit the gym.  It was peaceful and I was basically the only one there.  I had my playlist all ready and walked into the gym. I ended up jogging 2.7 miles on my first day.  I was amazed at how easy it was to push myself.  Especially with a good pair of running shoes.  To be honest, I stopped because I got bored.  I’m thinking I’m going to set a goal of 5k every day.  I will hit over 20 miles a week with that goal and I think it’s more than doable.

The cool part of working out was that feeling when I got home and was just laying there feeling so successful.  I was dead tired and breathing heavily but I felt awesome.  I have to remember that feeling.  I have to let that moment motivate me to keep this up.  I will not fail.  I cannot fail.

While I was on the treadmill I kept saying to myself “340, 340!!”.  My new goals will be in 5 pound intervals from now on and  I will celebrate each as a major milestone and me achieving yet another great feat in my life.  I look forward towards my future now and it’s extremely exciting.