My Weight Loss Gadgets – A review!

I’m a BIG gadgets person, so naturally I decided to obtain some gadgets to help me with my weight loss journey. Now, I’m not saying that these gadgets are necessary for proper weight loss, because that’s just dumb. But what I am saying is that these gadgets have made my life easier considering the massive [pun intended] undertaking my weight loss journey will be!

So now, my reviews!!

Weight Watchers App


So yeah, I started weight watchers last Tuesday. Here’s the thing, South Beach was fine, and I loss some weight with it. But I think for me personally, I need something more structured. I’m actually doing a mixture of both programs.

I love having a points budget and the possibility of gaining points for activity. With my trainer [and my doctor] saying that I’m not eating enough, I think this will work for me. Anyway, the app itself is easy to use and you can add your own food and add them to your favorites. So far I’m liking it!

Withings Wifi Scale

I needed a new scale so when I made an investment into a new one, I picked up this wifi scale that uploads my weight and automatically logs my progress on an app that’s on my phone. The app can be password protected from those I don’t want knowing just how hefty I am.

It measures body fat and tracks my BMI which is helpful. There are other add ins that can be added like blood pressure and heart rate but tracking the first three have been great for me so far. This isn’t a device that I would say chuck out your current scale for, but if you were in my shoes and needed a new one this one definitely should be considered.

Nike+ Running App

I LOVE the updated app and the website updates. You can set goals, track progress, participate in public challenges, challenge your friends, and get cheers for milestones as they are completed!! Makes me sooo happy and excited 🙂

And that’s just the part after your run, during your run, a nice lady’s voice motivates you and let’s you know your progress on your current run… Lets just say those last few meters of my 5ks become a lot more motivating when she tells me I only have 100m left lol.

You can add playlists and add a “Power Song” to push as a panic button when you feel yourself slowing down and you need the extra motivation. All in all, great app for walking/jogging/running.

Nike+ Sportswatch [w/GPS] & Lunar Swift 3 Shoes


Again, any good running shoes will work, but I caught these on sale and the reason why I went for these was because after I had tried a million shoes on at the shoe store, these gave me plenty of ankle support and they were comfy. They also have the Nike+ Sensor in them, which started my entire love affair with the Nike+ Program.

The SportsWatch helps me because it tracks my jogs and my heart rate when I’m jogging. With my health issues, I really aim to stay within my target heart rate and honestly at my size it doesn’t require a lot of effort from my part. I’m a bit geeky so using this gadget to stay in my target zone has made my jogs fun for me.

There you have it, a look into the gadgets I use to help me lose weight!


“De-Clutter” your surroundings in order to lose weight?


Yeah, I said it DE-CLUTTER. Some people do not realize how their surroundings can cause unnecessary stress in their lives. For me, when I have things that I need to organize, or things that I have to do, it’s always in the back of my mind. Getting rid of the clutter, relaxes me, and this is important since there are a lot of facts involving stress and weigh loss. This article speaks to it and you have to admit that it’s a lot to consider.

After reading this article, I had to see my Personal Trainer, and she kicked my ass as usual. Which is a good thing. But directly after that, I decided to take a look at my apartment. I’m a bit of a neat freak, so things weren’t so bad. But there were things that I’ve been putting off. So, I did a major purge, got rid of things that I haven’t used in a while, deep cleaned some, and I set up things all nice and shiny-like.

I feel a list coming on. I did a few other things to de-clutter my mind and my surroundings:

1) I took the time to put all of my snacks in little baggies with their respective portions. This will keep me from worrying if I’m over eating and will keep me in check. I tend to over eat when I don’t have my portions pre measured.

2) I purged old paperwork, documents, and straightened them and made them neat and in order.

3) I FINALLY unpacked those boxes that I shoved in my closet from April when I moved. They ended up in there because I had family visiting so that was a quick fix lol. They were there ever since. Whoops…

4) I cooked! I fixed a bunch of healthy recipes and I portioned them out so that over the next few days, I don’t have to STRESS over what the heck I’m going to eat for my next meal. This was important since I work so much.

Right now I feel re-energized around my weight loss. I feel motivated, I expected to be de-stressed, but feeling motivated was a bonus — a happy bonus.

So speak up, what do you do to de-clutter and de-stress your life?!?

Ode to Fat Girls:



Ode to Fat Girls:.

I had to share this ^^ for one, it made me teary eyed and nothing makes me teary eyed. Every day, when I’m dragging all 330 pounds of me to the track to run, I feel every part of this post. It’s another perspective, one that I needed to hear. Even if no one really feels this way, these are the words I will now hear when I’m running and I see other, seasoned, runners.

Instead of feeling like crap because they passed me on the track or because their paces are 5 million times faster than mine [rough estimation] — I’m going to feel awesome that I’m out there. I’m going to give myself kudos because I’m actually out there busting my butt every day.

This is yet another reason why blogging [and reading blogs] has been an instrumental part of my weight loss journey.

Influences… and the horse they rode in on…


330.6 – 30 pounds lost so far.

Today is my 30 pound mark. Extremely exciting, but oddly this post isn’t about that at all. It’s about the relationships that I have with my friends and family. I’ve learned that by myself, I am able to stick to my regimen. I live alone so I find that behaving myself is relatively easy. However, when it comes to my friends — I can’t seem to make proper decisions.

During these times of lack of judgment, I am aware of the bad decision, however I still make them. It feels great to be back in the “I don’t really care” mindset where I didn’t treat my body as the center of my well being. For so long, I made decisions based on no foundation whatsoever. If I wanted to eat 1100 calories in one setting, I did. Often times not even aware that I was eating so many calories.

So, these friends aren’t exactly encouraging me to make these bad decisions, but they also aren’t holding me accountable. They are full of “It’s just one cheat day” or “oh, what’s one time going to hurt?”. But one time is one time too many. I believe that our bodies are systems, and we need to energize ourselves with healthy foods. It’s almost like putting premium gas in your mercedes on a regular basis, then randomly putting low grade fuel in simply because your other car friends said it’s ok to skimp once in awhile.

Probably not the best analogy, but it’s a major part of my current philosophy of staying fit. It absolutely has to be. In my case, I gained a lot of weight based off of not having a realistic view of myself and of the consequences to the decisions I was making. Therefore if I allow myself to simply “cheat” often, I’m convinced that I will stumble like I have so many times in my past.

My point… [I promise you I have one, I think…]

is that these influences for me, are bad. So, although I love them so very much, I have to limit my time around them, at least until I get a better foundation under me to be able to be steadfast in my weight loss and fitness goals.

Oh and WOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOO 30 lbs lost.

[insert happy dance here]

True Life: I’m a fat girl…

I decided to only update my weight once a week — I’m thinking Sundays. With cycles, water weight, adding muscle through strength training, so on and so forth, my weight has been all over the place. I started actually using the portion of my scale that measures body fat… and um… yikes.

When I was younger, my family always told me that I was “big boned”… seriously wtf is that supposed to mean? Me, being the completely clueless adolescent that I was, accepted this bullshit excuse for me being overweight. I honestly didn’t know any better. My allowances were spent on candy, cookies, and other sugary treats — all without discipline, all without accountability. I simply thought that’s what life was supposed to be like. I mean, I was big boned overall — why would I expect to be THIN, or HEALTHY?

On to the topic that I’m ever so skillfully avoiding… body fat. When I checked for the first time on Wednesday, I was 62% fat. Yes, that’s 6-2, sixty two, LXII… any way I say it — it’s just FAT. That means that 208 pounds of me is pure disgusting FAT. Okay, point made.

To all of the people who said I was big boned:

(oh yes!, another list)

1) Roughly 123 pounds of me is bone and muscle… Considering I would never want to be @ zero percent body fat at my height [it would look super weird], even adding some fat to that, let’s say 150… Even at age 10 when I weight 210 pounds, I had 60… SIXTY pounds of extra fat on my frame. Big bones, my ass…

2) Why didn’t you educate me on the proper things to eat, how to exercise, healthy weight, the importance of staying fit…

3) You still try to shove calorie loaded food down my throat during every holiday, never once caring about my health.

I know, I’m being a bit dramatic. But the thing is… I’ve always had excellent will power. I’ve always had drive, passion, and I’ve always held myself accountable. I’m just going through a phase where my impatience is causing me to really analyze my upbringing, my personal life choices, and the behaviors that were formed before I even had a say on the type of person I wanted to be.

I’ve lived in ignorance for too long. I’ve comforted myself with the lies of “You’re tall, you look better carrying a little extra weight”, or “You’re big boned”, or “Curvy is better”… I lived oblivious of how unhealthy these point of views really were and I let them be my excuses for not getting up and doing something about it. I now hold myself accountable for the previous years of my life of ignorance. I’m educating myself, pushing myself to be more active, watching what I put into my body, immersing myself in blogs and forums to get motivated and to read personal stories, and above all else, I am determined to be the best me I can possibly be.

One day at a time…

Well, hello there sweet Endorphins!!!

You’re my favorite neurotransmitter!

I wish I would have known about this dirty little secret to exercising when I was younger. Endorphins rock my socks and they make me so happy to be on this weight loss journey right now.

It makes me sad that my mother never forced me to play sports or exercise as a teen. I mean now that I think back I remember running and playing with my friends when I was younger and the sheer thrill of it was exhilarating. I wish I would have gotten to know what it was like to be an athlete. Although I can’t be completely sure that I would have maintained it, I can feel that had I been more involved in sports as a teen, I wouldn’t have ended up such a lardy adult.

So today I jogged 6k today. What made today’s 6k more miraculous than yesterday’s 5k is not that I went a further distance. I had a lot going against me and I still got up and went to the gym. mmmm another list, so yummy

Excuses that my old self would have used to not go to the gym today:

1)My gym partner bailed on me.

2)I ate stuffed peppers and felt all bloaty and heavy.

3)When I walked out of the door it was pouring down (I usually walk to my gym)… And I mean pouring… Monsoon like weather.

But, instead I put on my workout clothes and pulled on my running shoes, grabbed my water & my umbrella and left memories of my old decisions at the door.

I’m glad I did because the pay off was worth it. Almost orgasmic levels of endorphins rushed through me pushing me to hit the 6k point in my daily workout… Maybe I can do it again tomorrow!


336.6 – 24 Pounds Lost

I’m finding that I’m impatient. I’ve committed to myself that I will do this for the long haul. I’ve told myself that this is a lifestyle change and its ok. But now it’s just waiting. Day by day willing the weight to continue to fall off. Wishing that time would go by faster. Not necessarily that I could lose weight quicker — I definitely want to do it the right way. But I just wish that I had my revelation earlier in my life, maybe like a year ago lol. Then, maybe I would be further along on this journey.

I’ve been sailing along, but I know that their will be hiccups and I just want to get them over with already. I’m ready to be thin. I look in the mirror and I don’t see that my outsides match my insides and it’s beginning to frustrate me. I have to remind myself that it took 28 years for me to get this way, so it will take some time to fix this problem.

This is one of those situations where living in a culture of instant gratification backfires. I can’t just open up my web browser and search Amazon for “200 pounds lost” and think I will drop the weight with 2 day shipping with my Amazon Prime account. It’s not that easy. I have to stay committed, keep pushing, and most of all BE PATIENT.

It’s hard, but I know it’s necessary, therefore I must do it.